Welcome to Prolapse Health. This is a website created for women dealing with a prolapse issue. Whether you are dealing with a uterine, bladder (cystocele) or a rectocele you will find helpful information and a place where you can share and glean information with other women. All are welcome to browse the question and answer pages. To support the on going effort of this site we do ask for a small membership fee to have access and use the forums. Please feel free to ask questions and to have the support of other women who are going through the same thing you are and facing many of the same choices you have.

Many women have found various ways of successfully living with and treating their prolapse, some are natural, some use the assistance of science, and others have used surgical treatments. This site welcomes any and all ways people have treated their prolapse. We invite your input on what has worked and what has not.

This site is dedicated to women supporting women. All are welcome!