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Hints,Tricks,and Helps when dealing with a prolapse


Discovery of a prolapse is a frightening thing for everyone. If you are young, it may be your first experience of something not right with your body.

The purpose of this forum is written by the originator, Kristina, on the Home Page.

The true value of this forum is to provide a safe haven to share your initial fears and concerns, but then to move on to solutions, improvement, and getting back to a realistic normal, but somewhat changed, life. For whatever reason, prolapse seems far more common these days and occurs in much younger women. Also, we’ve discovered on this forum that many, many members are very fit and athletic.

So please in order not to repeat solutions and hints and helps to each new member, let’s use this topic to review and then if there are unanswered questions, please ask them and we’ll all do our best. Also, feel free to chat with or pm other members.

First: what do you have?

Cystocele (bladder pushes against front side of vaginal wall and may drop as far as the opening to the vagina). Looks like a smooth golf ball.

Rectocele (the back of the vagina this time and has ridges, rather than smooth)

Uterine (the cervix drops lower in the vagina)

Urethracele (a smaller protrusion of the urinary tract opening)

Stages? It doesn’t matter as IT WILL CHANGE. So best not to obsess on numbers. Even docs don’t agree 1-3, 1-4 are given.

Healing time: Up to two years.

What affects healing time: Your hormones have caused a relaxation of tissues, breast feeding will continue this hormone a bit longer. The size of your prolapse might make a difference but not necessarily. The amount of tearing, if any, and certainly the amount of stretching, the size of your baby, BUT mainly, it is probably your particular connective tissue, your genetics, and it is a waste of time to blame anyone, including yourself.

How to start the healing process:

Accept what has happened and start to get determination to heal and know that it may take a little work. Also know that 70 percent of women will have this at some point in their life. They don’t sell Depends for no reason.

Stress = increased Cortisol = decreased immunity = longer healing time.

Diet: read the posts, so, briefly: for inflammation and connective tissue: Vit C, Omega 3, Magnesium, Vit D3. Wonderful posts on this to read.

Exercise: We are fortunate to have a past All American athlete, who had a large prolapse, who is an excellent Physical Therapist, who has produced an inexpensive DVD that deals specifically with Pelvic Floor Issues. Loads of posts attesting to improvement from this ‘treatment’.

Topical hormones: Vagifem and Estrace are bioidentical, topical hormones that have very, very little absorption after the first week of use. They strengthen the vaginal walls and make up somewhat for the reduced hormones. Lots of posts on this.

Support belts, tri athlete or bike pants, V2 supporter belt, sea sponges, pessaries. But these come last after you get down to the basics of healing and see what, if anything you need.

DO NOT LIFT ANYTHING HEAVY. Learn how to hold your baby by ‘bracing your abs correctly. Read Kristina’s posts on how she manages two little ones.

Avoid standing for long periods.

You might respond well with the Kegel 8 as sometimes nerves to our pelvic floor go on vacation and need stimulation. Lots on this posted.

Do not cough without contracting your transverse abdominus (read Tasha’s blog and posts

NEVER STRAIN when having a bowel movement. Never! Keep your diet and magnesium in mind to prevent constipation.

If you have cystocele and don’t have incontinence then you’ve kinked the other way and may need to pay attention to fully emptying your bladder twice a day. Simply void and then lean from your waist, raise your bum up and try again and you will dribble more or go quite a bit. This prevents infection.

Back to Stress: can be your worst enemy. Do not obsess, a huge percentage just get better almost on their own, but certainly they need healthy habits to assist. Don’t check every day; prolapse changes from hour to hour.

Surgery is a last resort. You should give yourself and body time to heal. If you prolapse is a post partum prolapse it is recommended by good doctors to not have any surgery done for a minimum of 2 years after the birth. Cystocele surgeries have a low success rate and a large amount of complications when done with mesh. If you want surgery take time to make that decisions see several doctors, and do your homework

These are just a few tips and tricks and things to try immediately please continue to browse the forums and post any questions you have or your story.

New Changes on our site

Dear Ladies (and the occasional guy that may visit)

You may have noticed some recent changes to the site, the biggest one being a new membership fee.

This decision came after a lot of deliberation on how to continue forward with the site. I have had a donation button for years that draws very little attention or donations.

I believe that in moving forward this way it will bring in the necessary funds to run, and maintain this site. If we had enough paying members it may afford us the ability to have higher quality information readily available. I would also hope to attract more professional contributors that we may be able to offer a small contribution to for their expertise in the field.

If all our members were willing to make this small contribution yearly we could have high quality productions, medical studies and so much more.

I am looking forward to what the future holds for us all. And I am inspired to spend the countless hours needed to bring you the latest information on prolapse and provide all the resources you need to heal, and make the right choices for you.



P.S. If you truly cannot afford this fee and need help, please e-mail me privately.