Rectal hell

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    I haven’t posted in a while. I feel low as can be right now as 3 and half years later after my second child, and after rectopexy surgery, I’m still not right. I suffered a further third degree tear following my second child who literally came an hour and twenty minutes after my first contraction. Whether my body wasn’t ready I don’t know but my life’s been ruined from it. I now suffer from pudendal neuropathy so I’ve rectal and vaginal pain which is an ache and a heavy feeling. I’m unable to evacuate stool properly too. I know what to do diet wise, stool consistency and positioning techniques and nothing works. Even rectopexy surgery to fix a host of prolapses ( intussecuption, sigmoidocele, rectocele and enterocele) which were thought to be the cause, has not helped. I get 80% out but the remaining stool causes me rectal pressure like I want to push and a mild feeling of needing to go, but it won’t come out. I can’t irrigate as it winds the pain up and same goes with suppositories. So I’m stuck like this, my body screwed up, on pain meds and the professionals have no idea. A recent biofeedback session showed that my muscles have no movement when she asked me to relax – they are very weak but then I’m told not to kegal as it will irritate my nerves and that in fact they shouldn’t affect elimination as evacuation happens through a peristaltic wave?! Anyway my thought is part of my rectum is denerved maybe so it doesn’t move the stool along and I think my nerves are hypersensitive to stool being there as feeling pressure is not normal. My Mums the constipated sort and yet she doesn’t complain of pressure, knowing a piece of faeces is there! I feel desperately alone. Doctors have said ‘you’re complex’ ‘unusual’ ‘impressive symptoms’. My next stop is to see a professor at a London hospital to see if a sacral stimulater will help my motility. Or intensive biofeedback. Is there anyone who can relate to this? I can’t be the only woman whose rectum was destroyed by childbirth.

    I’m wondering if sasa or Trey would recommend cold laser in this case.

    Prolapsed after last baby 3 years ago. Arvigo , Walking outdoors, epsom salt baths, proper rest, attention to alignment, movement, nutrition, supplements, seem to keep me the most comfortable. My symptoms come and go in type/ intensity with my hormones and my level of stress. Varied symptom base. In my 40's. Still BF. It has been a journey, in every way, and I'm getting better with God's help. USA



    Yes I do, mentioned it briefly earlier in the thread 😊

    Passionate Pilates instructor who wants everyone to find healing through equilibrium.
    30 yrs, laxity/rectal descent, mod intussusception.
    Damage from many years of constipation and birth of first child. Symptoms began 1 year pp after trampolining = nerve pain and PF dysfunction. Baby #2 born naturally 3/12/16.

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