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    Hi ,

    Still do not have a date for surgery, will be beginning of next month I think. All now complicated by the fact that I have had a period that has gone on for 14 days! Not heavy anymore just spotting but concerning anyways. My GP said prob an anovulatory cycle given my age and /or the stress I am under (I am 44) and I will have a full pelvic ultrasound/transvaginal on the 24th March. Seeing my urognae next week so will fill him in and he may be able to hurry up the scan for me. I had a full scan just a year ago so hope that all will be ok but can’t help worrying about cancer etc! :(I am a health wreck.

    Have had a full frank discussion about mesh etc with my urogynae and colorectal guy – the colorectal uses biomesh and the urogyn uses prolene , which is the UK’s approved mesh and has been for 15 years (used in hernias etc) I do so wish I could have something else used – they have addressed all my concerns and I am not having any mesh placed vaginally , just aginst rectum and then a small ribbon to support the womb and attached to sacrum. The risk of damage to bladder/bowel and pudendal nerve is very low with this laparoscopic approach My gynae did used to do ligament shortening but said that this had a high chance of uretic injury and pudendal nerve damage (I think ?) and poor longterm results so he doesn’t do this anymore and that in his experience the collage based meshes dissolve so they do not give longterm results. So I think – well I am an active 44 year old , I do not want to have repeat surgery anytime soon , so I guess I will have to make my piece with mesh or live like this (can’t really) In 6 years of doing this procedure he has had one problem with the mesh and that was before he peritonialised it , ie he now makes sure that the mesh is covered by peritoneum – and that problem was sorted out by removing an adesion and then covering the mesh. Am I rambling? Feel like I am …….Wish they suspend my uterus and rectum with fairy dust….. 🙂




    Dear Star,

    I am in a similar position to you. Would you mind sharing how you are doing? I am also in the UK. Would you mind sharing also the details of your surgeons?

    Warmest Regards,




    How did your surgery go Star. Im in the Uk and have similar going on. Im in my early 30’s and feeling so lost hopeless etc. Feel like my life us over.

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