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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or has had a similar experience to me and could help me understand what is going on.

    10 weeks after the birth of my baby girl I realised my cervix was incredibly low, about 1st knuckle deep. I ignored this and assumed it would raise up in time. By 4 months pp things had not improved and I felt uncomfortable bulging all the time. I visited a gynaecologist who diagnosed mild uterine prolapse and told me to do pelvic floor exercises. She also gave me some estrogen cream.

    I decided to visit a Women’s health PT for more advice at 5 months pp. she informed me I did not have any prolapse and was fine. Delighted with this news i decided to attempt sex with my husband for the first time. This was and still is impossible. My cervix does not move up and seems stuck or wedged very low down! It is about an inch maybe less from my vaginal entrance. I cannot push it up or to the side with my fingers, I cannot use a tampon.

    I visited the gp who referred me to an NHS women’s physio. She also said she couldn’t see anything unusual.

    I am now 7 months pp and at a complete loss at what to do. This is destroying my marriage and no one seems to be able to help me. Is this usual with a uterine prolapse? Everything I’ve read said sex should be possible. Anyone know why my cervix will not move?



    Have you tried elevating your hips way high. I use a wedge pillow under my hips and husband can stand at side of bed and celes fall way back. Just a thought. Are you very well lubricated? I would use the estrogen cream faithfully and use lube prior to sex. My cervix is prolapsed and I can move it when I put my Estrace estrogen cream in my vagina with my finger tips. I never use applicator because it will come out in clumps and does not work as well at all. How frustrating that everyone says normal. Gravity is definitely the enemy here. Most of us cannot get tampons in no matter what prolapse we have.



    Hi Trey,

    Thank you for getting back to me. I have tried elevating my hips, it’s so strange but even when my hips are way way high and I am doing a shoulder stand it does not move! The only time it moves is (sorry if tmi!!) when I have my hips elevated very high (shoulder stand) and introduce air into my vagina. Then everything falls back and I can’t feel anything at all! Obviously this isn’t helpful in regards to sex! I am at a loss. It’s in the same place regardless of standing up, lying down, hips elevated.

    I stopped using the estrogen cream as it made my vagina burn and I felt like i had a uti all the time.

    Can I ask you – is your cervix higher when you lie down or does it stay in the same position? Does it alter throughout the month, time of day etc?

    Many thanks!



    My cervix is all over the place. After sex, usually higher for a day or two, but oddly today way down and almost rubbing. Please don’t use Premarin as it is not bio identical and it burned me a lot. EStrace is bio identical and I’ve used it for years. Aren’t there pessaries that allow sex, wonder if that would work. Of course, if everyone thinks you are normal that might be a problem. If you don’t use Estrace, I would highly advise you give estrogen another try as it would help, I bet.

    Are you maybe having a spasm that is causing all this. I have spasms all the time in my pelvic area and some hurt like heck. I have a flexible sacro iliac and that torques various muscles and can be a major pain. You might see if you could try 2mg of Valium, just a trial to see if you have spasms, but don’t take very long as addictive.

    Also, a pelvic floor specialist would be the best bet to release trigger points. This last is probably the very best advice as if you have trigger points and we all do, then you easily could appear ‘normal’ and then tighten back up. So my number one recommendation is to get internal trigger points released. Trigger points cause spasms and spasms tighten muscles, ligaments, tendons. I really think this is the answer.



    Hi lill
    So sorry to hear about ur prolapse that u r feeling but i have been in the same boat for diagonoses as I felt heavyness and bludgeon down below when I was 4 months postpartum been to GP and gynocologyst they couldn’t find prolapse and told everything is normal as I could feel there is something wrong either uterine or Cystocele.. then had appointment with women physio and she could t find any prolapse and fill all normal from her as well.. but I insisted for further physio apppontmnets and kept going.. finally I took pick of my prolapse and showed to physiotherapist and then she realises I had Cystocele and rectocyle… what I have felt that regarding prolapse nhs system is quite basic and like very old fashioned. I thinks health professionals and NHS totally don’t bothered .. I am doing hab it DVD which is helping me a lot and m 11 months postpartum




    Hi Trey and Shaj,

    Thank you for replying.

    Trey – I may well have some muscle spasms. I am a really tense person in general so wouldn’t be surprised. I have seen a pelvic floor specialist. She’s meant to be one of the best in London. She couldn’t see anything wrong. She did say I had a knot in my pelvic floor which she worked out. She told me not to do long holds of pelvic floor exercises just quick ones. However, the next physio told me to do the long holds. It’s all so confusing. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do and nothing seems to work anyway.

    Shaj -I know, it’s crazy isn’t it – health professionals just don’t know what they are looking for, and they really don’t seem to care. It can’t be normal not to be able to have sex and to feel uncomfortable and achy all day.

    It has really affected my life in such a huge way, and there just isn’t any help out there. It has affected my marriage, my self esteem and i am so depressed. It is the first thing I think about when i wake up. It isn’t fair on my baby, as i just can’t give her the attention she deserves when I am feeling like this.

    I have been doing the hab-it DVD too, but so far nothing has changed. Sometimes i think I should stop doing pelvic floor exercises as maybe they are making it feel worse.



    Kegals can be the wrong thing for some pelvic issues. Why don’t you try resting a while. Just try not do do anything that gives downward pressure. Look up Sasa’s posts on breathing and the pelvic clock. Those helped me immensely. So many people have had to find their own way, but they have. It really is trial and error. Do look up those posts as they can only help.



    Hi lill32, I’m sorry I missed your post, how are you going?

    This may give you hope, I have a friend with very similar issues and she had big improvement with 12-18 month pp.

    I second the tension thing, I personally found the tension mentally, emotionally & physically wouldn’t allow my vagina to lengthen as it should with arousal. This did get better once I got answers, felt with PFD pain & tension and moved forward mentally. I pray things improve for you too in time and that your marriage will survive this tough time.

    Passionate Pilates instructor who wants everyone to find healing through equilibrium.
    30 yrs, laxity/rectal descent, mod intussusception.
    Damage from many years of constipation and birth of first child. Symptoms began 1 year pp after trampolining = nerve pain and PF dysfunction. Baby #2 born naturally 3/12/16.

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