Is a pessary right for you? What kinds are there? What is the cost? I hope to answer a few of these in this article.

Pessary is simply a device typically made out of medical grade silicone that comes in various shapes and sizes. They feel like rubber and depending on the maker various in flexibility. You can usually fold them and insert them in the vagina, once in the vagina they will hold up your uterus or push back your front and back vaginal walls into the correct position.

The cost various in these devices anywhere between $25.00 USD up to $120.00 USD with the avg price being around $70.00 USD. Once you are fitted and know your size you can often replace these devices yourself by ordering them online.

Most women who have tried a pessary either love or hate them, I think this largely depends on if they were fitted with the right type and size. There are about 15 different designs of pessaries and each one comes in 9 different sizes! So you might guess it is a lot of trial and error to go through to find the right one for your unique body. There is certainly no down size in giving a pessary a try, you might love it and if you do not you can take it out and not use it. The one thing I recommend for those considering using a pessary is that they are prepared to try several and to not be intimidated to keep asking their care provider to try more or change the size.

Depending often on which part of the world you live in depends on the long term plan of how you will use your pessary. Most pessarys are easy enough to care for yourself. With a little practice you can learn to insert them and take them out as often as you would like. Some women prefer to only allow their care provider to take them out clean them and re insert them. The one pro of having your care provider do this process every three months is that they can view the inside vaginal walls to see if any irritation is occurring from the pessary rubbing against the walls.

Sex, most pessarys allow you to have sex while they are in, the biggest complication with this is depending on the size of your vagina and the type of pessary you might run out of room 🙂 My husband and I choose to mix it up, sometimes its in and sometimes I take it out. It does not bother me to have it in, however my husband does not enjoy running into it 🙂

There is also combination pessarys like the colplexin shpere, this products looks like a ball and has some estrogen involved in it. You insert the pessary into your vagina and not only does it provide hormones that can help with the healing of vaginal tissues, it also helps you to use your muscles and to encourage strength development of the pelvic floor at the same time.

All women are unique and what works for one certainly does not work for another. If you are trying to treat your prolapse naturally and would like some relief of the dreadful bulge or heaviness feelings this could be a solution for you. I recommend you looking through some sites such as and seeing what options are out there. Then when you go to your care provider you can request some of the ones you are specifically interested in.

Good luck looking for and finding a pessary. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask here or on the forums.



Self Image

This Body

My head, face, hair, arms, legs, torso, stomach, all combine to make the wonderful curves of a woman and a mother.

What was once voluptuous and beautiful became a home for nine months creating more curves and beauty. The belly grew, the hips widened to make room for this incredible gift that was placed with in me.

Each passing week the skin streched and became more beautiful, shiny, globe like object right there for all who passed by to look upon.

The breast became rounder and softer creating gentle pillows for my lover to lay his head on

My hips openend up makeing room for this precious gift to come

Then with slight discomfort that increased as a storm coming upon a shore this gift arrived into a sun lit sky and a rainbow on the horizon.

The home was vacant and now empty. Those wonderful curves turned into jelly and rocks. Lines were left as if to say "x" marks the spot, where there was once a treasured buried. The curves of the breast turned to stone and were untouchable.

In days following the breast became soft and a precious gift of life and nourishment. Soft curves flowed down my body once again. The belly quite large was still soft and like jelly providing a warm place for my lover to lay his head.

It is amazing how something seems so hideous to the wearer, but becomes an attractive quality to others most of all the lover.


That was something I wrote shortly after giving birth to my first son.  This week I discovered a few links of web-sites showing pictures of real woman and real mothers with real stretched bellies. It has been liberating for me. My husband has been trying for three years now desperately to help me feel confident in myself. He tells me I am sexy gorgeous... everyday! But most of the time I shrugged my shoulders and wrote it off thinking he does not know what he is talking about. I am making a stand, I refuse to believe and base beauty solely on what magazines and advertisements and actress tell us it is. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we must accept that.  We all agree to the previous statement, but we still hide our stomach and stretch marks. We hope no one ever sees the real us because we are afraid we would be thought of as being grotesque. The fact is we are all beautiful women even if we have stretch marks, flabby bellies, flat bellies, round bellies, big hips, little hips....!

Below are a few links I have been looking at. I want the freedom to live happy and content with me, and I want to pass on the self confidence to my children. I also want my sons and daughters (if I have any girls) to know what real woman look like and  appreciate them and their bodies. I hope you enjoy some of these links as much as I have.

Shape of a Mother
Public Bath

I hope everyone has a great day, loving yourself and knowing you are all beautiful women.