Success Stories

Momofone: Yesterday (June 9th), my son turned one! We had a huge party this weekend to celebrate his birthday, so I am just now able to sit and write my one year postpartum update. My son was born naturally, with no medical interventions at all. I labored for 7 hours, and pushed for 30 minutes. He was 8lbs, 15oz with a large head. I had a second degree tear, which didn’t bother me much at all. Read More

Aussiebel: I am pleased and suprised to say that my body is still healing. I can use reg tampons again, although occasionally on bad days they will move out of place everything is pretty much normal.

I have returned to my job which does involve a fair Bit of lifting but I’m studying to go into another industry to try to minimize the long term effects on my body. So far everything has been pretty good though and but if I don’t be careful and make sure I contract my of whilst lifting Read More

Rina2: Non postpartum success story

I owe all you wonderful, sharing women my story. I suspect it is going to be a long post. I hope this helps someone. I am 56 and was diagnosed with grade 3 uterine prolapse 8 -9 months ago. I found this site and and read almost every single post. I was more inclined towards the non-surgical direction and that is where I focused. During that period, I was not able to register for the forum. At some point, I realized that the problem was Google Chrome. Because of the time lapse from lurking to registering, I never got to post much but learned a whole lot. Read More