Aussiebel’s Story

18 months pp

I am pleased and surprised to say that my body is still healing. I can use reg tampons again, although occasionally on bad days they will move out of place everything is pretty much normal.

I have returned to my job which does involve a fair Bit of lifting but I’m studying to go into another industry to try to minimize the long term effects on my body. So far everything has been pretty good though and but if I don’t be careful and make sure I contract my of whilst lifting

I do feel the effects in the afternoon.

I find it hard to keep on top of doing my kegels each day. I usually manage 1 set of 7x 20 sec holds in the afternoon but I really should be doing 2 sets of these a day. I must find a good time for them in the morning.

I exercise regularly and this only makes everything better! I no longer have any incontinence issues, earlier I would still leak on occasion of sneezing first thing in the morning!

I still do everything I can to avoid constipation, all bran and chia seeds I have found to be very helpful! I also eat multigrain and whole grain whenever possible!

Chia seeds in particular have alot of goodies in them that would benefit pregnant breastfeeding and post partum women. You can get them from the health food shop and add them to your baking, yogurt or cereal!

Although my pelvic floor is often in my mind, I don’t feel sad or unhappy about what has happened. My body is pretty much as it

Was. If it had not been so bad after the birth i never would have noticed I had a problem! I still think of it often

But only in the way that I am mindful of my body and making sure I protect my pelvic floor, which is a good thing really. I would love to have the same ignorant bliss I had before the birth, but honestly, I know that sooner or later i will have prolapsed eventually and I am happy that I know how to look after myself now.

Thankyou again girls for this supportive forum and helping me through this. Xx