Rina2’s story

Non postpartum success story:

I owe all you wonderful, sharing women my story. I suspect it is going to be a long post. I hope this helps someone. I am 56 and was diagnosed with grade 3 uterine prolapse 8 -9 months ago. I found this site and and read almost every single post. I was more inclined towards the non-surgical direction and that is where I focused. During that period, I was not able to register for the forum. At some point, I realized that the problem was Google Chrome. Because of the time lapse from lurking to registering, I never got to post much but learned a whole lot.

Until the prolapse, I was in very good shape. I am very into exercise. I ran, swam, did the gym and Pilates. Today, I’m back to all those activities with modifications in Pilates. I also skip two things in the gym . However, I have added on so many new exercises, I am pretty certain I am in better shape than before prolapse. My prolapse today is a non-issue in my life. Mostly, it stays out of the way.

OK, so how did I get there.

1. Tasha’s DVD religiously, eventually moved on to her advanced program. I read all her blogs as well as the questions posed in her “Ask Tasha” section. I followed her advice.

2. Pfilates – pretty seriously

3. Homeopathic remedies. My homeopath suggested something which he felt suited me. It was not a remedy I saw mentioned on this site.

4. Abdominal Mayan massage. The first 6-8 treatments were amazing. At some point, I felt like it was making things worse and I stopped.

It was a process. At the beginning, I was stressed about my body falling apart from lack of exercise, but I learned about alternatives. I used the stationary bike madly, swam and then at some point incorporated water jogging. When I was able to move into Tasha’s advanced program, I knew I was going to be OK. For a while, I used the sponges just to be able to stand and cook in the kitchen or when carrying around my infant granddaughter. Eventually, I used them when I went back to running. Now, I don’t need them either.

Best of luck to all. Thank you so much for setting up and participating in this forum. For me it made all the difference.