Momofone’s story

I found my prolapses six days postpartum, and genuinely lost it. I slipped into the darkest place I have ever been in. I cried every single day, sometimes ALL day, and through my crazy, endless hours of Google searches, I found Prolapse Health.

I had a moderate (stage 2) rectocele and cystocele, and a “low cervix” (about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in). I felt the bulges constantly, during ANY activity including laying down. I checked my bulges with a mirror and with my fingers EVERY time I used the restroom, and lived in constant fear that I would worsen with any activity, and that I would worsen over time.

Prolapse Health gave me so much hope, as I poured over the updates and suggestions by Kristina and Trey, and learned so much about my body. I started doing the Hab-It DVD, and received biofeedback treatment where they taught me the correct movements of the kegel, and said that hab-it was working, because my strength at 8 weeks postpartum was really, really good.

At about 4 months postpartum, I made the choice to live my life without fear. Regardless of what happened, I wasn’t going to stay in that dark place anymore, and I wasn’t going to be afraid of the future. I tried wearing a tampon again, and it worked great! I tried having sex again, and it worked great!! :) I started excercising again safely (with Tasha’s guidance), and it also worked great! With zero increase in symptoms. The heaviness faded, and I no longer felt the bulge most days.

About three months ago, I realized that I hadn’t thought about my vagina in three or four weeks. I no longer feel any symptoms at all- no heaviness, no bulge, no movement, no sponginess- Nothing! I wouldn’t know that there was any issue, unless I had taken a mirror to my vagina right after childbirth. The bulges are seriously non existent most days, if I actually care enough to check with my fingers. Things stay high most of the time, especially after excercising!

I had my one year checkup last week with an OB that is very familiar with Prolapse and pelvic issues, and we went over my complete history prior to the pelvic exam. I explained the rehab that I have done through Hab-It, and then she had me get on the exam table and examined me while bearing down quite hard and in several different positions. She informed me that I have no movement in my rectocele or in my cystocele, and that these are nearly non-existent at this point. As far as my “low cervix”, she said that it had a normal amount of movement that she would see in a non-childbearing woman, and that the lowering of the cervix was a normal occurence. My cervix is now about 2 1/2 inches up, sometimes higher, and I have no symptoms in any way, or reasons to think that i have a prolapsed uterus.

I will always live carefully (no sit ups, no bearing down during bowel movements, no extreme heavy lifting), but I have not lived with restriction. Does that make sense? I have run several hundred yards through the rain, with no problem. I won’t make this one a habit AT ALL, but my son’s party featured a bounce house, and I had a few jumps inside just for fun- with no issues at all.

I really cannot explain the hope and peace that has developed in my heart and through this whole experience. When I stopped living in fear and threw away the mirror, things improved so much you wouldn’t believe. It started with a choice, then my physical symptoms followed.

I know that when I have my next child, I will need to make the choice between another natural birth or a C-section. I also know that no matter which route I take, I will experience a return in symptoms for a while. But I know that I will be able to rehab myself back to being symptom free.

Things get better, I promise. I never thought they would, and I never thought I would be happy again. But I am happier than I have ever been, and have better sex now than I EVER did before prolapse (thank you, two step Kegels!!) :)